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Kitesurfing equipment for beginners

The kitesurfing equipment for beginners is made of a kite, a bar, a board, a harness, a life jacket, a wetsuit and a helmet. The kind of equipment we use to learn kitesurfing is totally adapted to beginners, it is easy to use.

Kite, Lines and Bars 

These represent the main part of Kitesurfing equipment and are the first thing we do when we start preparing the kitesurfing equipment is to pump the struts of the kite. We start by pumping the small struts of the kite, located side.ways. Once the small struts are pumped enough (pressure is important), we then pump the main tube of the kite. To pump the kite, we use a especially designed pump that pumps both ways: when you pull up on the pump, and when you pull down on the pump. We recommend to flex your legs while pumping to avoid any back pain.

The second thing we focus on after having pumped our kite is to stretch the lines that are wrapped around the bar. We usually use a four-lines bar, which is commonly used everywhere. Some kitesurfing brands still have a few bar models with five lines, but the majority of bars now have four lines. Always make sure you grab the four lines in your hand when you stretch them on the beach, to avoid lines tangling. We will then walk with the lines in our hand, on the beach, to completely stretch the lines down on the ground. Once lines are stetched, we will then need to separate each line from the other, and attach them to the kite.

Kites for beginners are rather stable, and move pretty slowly in the wind window. Kites that are designed for beginners also tend to be less responsive than kites designed for advanced riders.


The second part of kitesurfin equipment to consider is boards, and we can use different kind of boards, with different shapes and sizes. The kind of board most kitesurfers use is called a twin-tip, and is bidirectional.: you can ride it in both directions, without having to turn (or to jibe) and without having to change the position of your feet. Looking a bit like a wakeboard, but with straps instead of boots, that is the kind of board we use to ride and jump.

To learn kitesurfing, beginners will use big and large twin-tip boards, which are very easy to ride with. The kitesurfing boards for beginners are very stable as well. When learning to kitesurf, it is important to choose the right kitesurfing equipment for beginners, that will enable you to learn quicker.


A harness helps using the body weigh to sustain the pull of the kite and counterbalance it. For beginners, we mostly use seat harnesses, and for intermediates and advanced riders, a waist harness is recommended. During beginners kitesurfing lessons, we always use seat harnesses as this kind of harnesses is much more confortable and is the best kitesurfing equipment for beginners.